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09-04-2014 - shri rahul gandhi

- 20,000 women are missing from Chhattisgarh – does the BJP call this 'women empowerment'?
- Under a BJP government, only a few industrialists benefit from the resources and wealth of the people
- Modi will do anything – divide people, make them fight – to become the PM, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi
- We all know what the chowkidar did to Jaswant Singh and L.K.Advani.
- Congress will give power to the poor, farmers and weaker sections, no matter what anybody says

Chhattisgarh, April 09 – Addressing a massive public rally at Balod, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP for playing divisive politics and indulging in crony capitalism in the states governed by it. He also tore apart the promises of women empowerment being made by the BJP, saying there is enough evidence for the people to see that they do not respect women.

"Chhattisgarh is not a poor state. It has ample wealth and resources. But rather than utilizing the resources to provide quality health care and education services to the people of the state, the BJP government gives them away to a few industrialists for their benefit. They called this 'India Shining' and now they call it the 'Gujarat model'... For the Congress Party, India will not shine till every household of the poor and weaker sections of the society is not shining," he said.

Drawing attention to the poor condition of women in the state, Mr. Gandhi remarked that the BJP has no moral ground to talk about women empowerment. "20,000 women are missing from Chhattisgarh – does the BJP call this 'women empowerment'. Those who commit crime against women are rewarded by the state here. In Karnataka, they beat women. And Gujarat CM, who talks about development, gets the police to tap phones of women and sends them to report their whereabouts," he said.

He cautioned the people against being misled by the false claims of the BJP and that the party's prime ministerial candidate is desperate to grab power. "Modi will do anything – divide people, make them fight – to become the PM. He wants to become the chowkidar and change the country. We all know there are chowkidars who steal. You don't know what all he will take away from you. Ask Advani Ji and Jaswant Singh Ji. We all know what the chowkidar did to them. How they were side lined," he said.

Mr. Gandhi shared the vision and goals of the Congress Party for the country. "In the last 10 years, we have run a government of the farmers, the poor and the weaker section of the society. Just to give you an example, the Minimum Support Price was raised by Rs. 60 during NDA tenure. Under UPA we increased it eight times to Rs. 830. We have pulled 15 crore people out of poverty and now we aim to bring 70 crore people, who fall below the middle class and above the poverty line, into the middle class," he said.

He added that the Congress Party will provide right to health, shelter and pension, among other measures, to empower the poor, weaker and backward sections of the country and in doing this, it will not be deterred by what the opposition says.

09-04-2014 (press release)
Lok Sabha Election 2014

08-04-2014 - press releases on government of gujarat's state socio-economic review, 2012-13 Read More...

Came across these gems from Government of Gujarat's State Socio-Economic Review, 2012-13:


"The improvement in the human development scenario in the state is however not commensurate with the economic progress that the state has witnessed since 2000-01. The dividends of the rapid economic progress are yet to be translated into improvement in the quality of life of the people of the state."(para 2.24)


The foodgrains production recorded a decreased of around 8 lakh tonnes in the year 2011-12 compared to the production in the year 2010-11.

During the year 2011-12 the state produced an estimated 92.57 lakh tonnes of foodgrains compared to 100.71 lakh tonnes in the year 2010-11.

Similarly, the production of oil seeds also recorded a marginal decrease in the year 2011-12. In the year 2010-11, total oil seeds production in the state was 51.42 lakh tonnes which marginally decreased to 50.35 lakh tones in the year 2011-12. PARA 2.11

PARA 2.12: Area under foodgrains..decreased from 4905 thousand hectares to 4735 thousand hectares


On the other hand the number of secondary and higher secondary schools increased from 9844 in 2010-11 to 9878 in 2011-12, but the enrollment in these schools decreased from 31 lakh to less than 30 lakh. (para 2.27)


The performance of the Indian economy during the fiscal year 2011-12 can be termed as reasonable in the context of the global economic environment, although, there has been a significant deceleration in almost all dimensions of the economy. (page iv)

[India] has been able to counter the negative effects of the gloomy global economic environment that prevailed during 2012 to some extent. (page iv)

India still remains among the fastest growing countries of the world and, as United Nations forecast suggest, there is every probability that the economy of the country will gather momentum in the years to come. (page vi)

Weaknesses in the major developed economies are at the root of the continued gloomy global economic environment and several European economies are already in recession. In fact, countries like India, China and Brazil have largely been responsible for stroking the engine of global economy during the year 2012. (sic) (page iii)

08-04-2014 (press release)
Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election 2014. (Telangana Region)

07-04-2014 (shri rahul gandhi)

- BJP broke the world record of corruption in Karnataka, says Mr. Rahul Gandh
- Advani no more BJP's "tallest leader", the party has made him a "small leader"
- BJP gave the money and resources of the people of Karnataka to one family – the Reddy brothers
- BJP says it wants to empower women, but does the opposite in the states they govern
- Congress will create a Karnataka that is not only known for software, but also hardware

Bengaluru/Raichur, April 7 – Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi today accused the BJP of double speak over corruption and women empowerment and said that not only was the party and its state leaders involved in the mining scam when they ruled Karnataka, they also stalled every possible effort of the Congress Party to pass anti-graft legislations in Parliament.
"BJP broke the world record of corruption in Karnataka with the Rs. 100,000 crore mining scam. Their 4 MLAs and 2 former ministers are still in jail. For the first time, a chief minister went to jail on charges of corruption… Your money and natural resources were given to one family – the Reddy brothers," he said at a massive public rally in Bengaluru.

Mr Gandhi added that the BJP tried its level best to stall the passage of the Lok Pal and other anti-graft legislations in the parliament. "The Congress Party gave you the Lok Pal, despite the opposition. We gave the people five more anti-graft bills, but they stalled it saying that these are Rahul Gandhi's bills. These are not Rahul Gandhi's bills, these are the bills of the people to fight graft in the country," he said.

Mr. Gandhi, who firmly believes that the country cannot become a superpower unless women are empowered, assured the rally that the Congress Party will give women 33 per cent reservation in the Indian Parliament when it forms the government. The Party will also set up 2,000 women police stations across the country and increase their share in police force to 25 per cent, he added.

Referring to the BJP's campaign of promising more power to the women, he said that the party did all it could to suppress the women in the states it governs. "In Karnataka, there was a minister in the BJP government who assaulted a woman, and in Mangalore they do moral policing and beat women. In Gujarat, they tap phones and direct police to follow and report their whereabouts. And then they write on posters that they want to empower women," he said.

Addressing a massive rally in Raichur earlier, Mr Gandhi said the BJP had reduced its "tallest leader" MrLal Krishna Advani to a "small leader." He said MrAdvani was opposed to granting special status to backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region comprising six districts in north-east part of the state. "He (Advani) said if 371(J) is passed, the country will disintegrate. We passed the 371(J) and the country was not divided. It benefited you, it gave you education, employment," Mr Gandhi added.

He later spoke of the industrial corridors that have been set up across the country which will provide millions of jobs to the youth. "Congress will create a Karnataka which is not only known for software, but also hardware. I want India to be the manufacturing hub of the world....There is need and space for industry, but we want partnership between the industry and the poor people so that the poor people can benefit from the growth. We want balanced development," he said.

Building on the rights-based paradigm that the Congress Party has been working on for the last decade, Mr. Gandhi told the people that they will now be given the right to shelter, health and free medicine and pension. He also assured them that the Congress party will push 70 crore people into the middle class in the next five years. Mr. Gandhi also addressed 2 other massive public meetings in Karnataka today.

05-04-2014 (press release)
Lok Sabha Election 2014

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