19-04-2014 | shri rahul gandhi

Maldha Uttar, West Bengal
April 19, 2014

- West Bengal government calls itself a government of the poor but it does nothing for them, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi

- Funds for MNERGA not utilized, Right to Food not implemented in the state

- BJP wants to create two India's – one of the rich and the other of the poor

- Do not give space to the people who divide the country, they will harm India

Accusing the West Bengal government of failing to implement schemes and programmes meant for the poor and weaker sections of the society, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi assured the people of state that the Congress Party will accomplish what the state government has failed to do. He stated that the party will help realize the dreams of millions of young men and women of the state when it forms the government this year.

"It is indeed disappointing to see MNERGA not being implemented properly in the state. The Congress led UPA government sent money to the West Bengal government, but the funds lie unutilized. The money does not reach the poor and weaker sections…We gave the whole country, right to food. Mamta Ji's government has not implemented it," he said at a massive rally in Maldha Uttar.

Mr. Gandhi cited the number of corruption cases that have erupted under her regime which demonstrate that her government uses the pro-poor slogan as a mere rhetoric; the reality is that she had failed to protect their interest. "There are many scams taking place in the state, for instance, the Sharda scam. The Enforcement Directorate of SEBI asked the state government to take action, but Mamta Ji's government, which calls itself government of the poor, has not taken any action against them. In fact they are shielding the guilty. In another scam, instead of giving the job of primary school teacher to those qualified and suitable for the job, they gave it to TMC workers. Nearly 20 lakh people bore the brunt of these scams. (Also) the state has the maximum cases of atrocities against women," he said.

Building on the rights-based paradigm that the Congress Party has been working on for the last decade, Mr. Gandhi told the people that they will now be given the right to shelter, health and free medicine, and pension. "They make big speeches and discuss issues, but the fact is that there are millions of jobless youth in the state. The state government does nothing, but let me assure you that the Congress Party will create millions of employment opportunities for the youth of the state," he said, adding that the Congress led UPA government has already started work on manufacturing corridors that will help achieve this objective.

Mr. Gandhi also urged the voters to not get carried away by the false claims and promises of the opposition party, and help form a government that unites people. "BJP wants to form a government that works for a select few. They do not want to listen to and work for the poor. They want to create two India's – one of the rich, and other of the poor…If you look at the history of West Bengal, all the great leaders and stalwarts from the state, did not work with anger, they worked with brotherhood and love and took everybody along. Do not give space to those who make people belonging to different religion, caste or state, fight among each other. It will be a loss for the country. Nobody will benefit from this," he said.

Elaborating on the Congress Party's ideology of working with love and brotherhood, Mr. Gandhi said the party believes in progress where the industrialists and the poor are equal beneficiaries. "Countries around the world, including Russia and China, have debunked the communist ideology. But the CPM wants to implement it here. They say that there is no need for industry and no need for development. On the other hand, BJP wants to give all the nation's money and resources to a few industrialists and forget the poor. It is only the Congress Party that believes in a development where the industrialists and the poor are partners in progress," he said.

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