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06-05-2014 (Press Release)

Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh
May 06, 2014

- BJP, SP and BSP cannot bring all round progress to Uttar Pradesh, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi
- The state needs power of two - vote for Congress at the Centre, and in the state
- After being exposed, Mr. Modi has stopped talking about Gujarat model

Blaming the opposition for indulging in divisive politics, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP, SP and BSP cannot deliver all- round development in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

"The BJP, SP and BSP represent particular sections and castes, so the state, as a whole, cannot benefit from such parties. It is only the Congress that takes everybody along. The state needs power of two - so vote for Congress at the centre, and in the state. We will bring growth and progress," he said at a massive rally in Mirzapur.

Mr. Gandhi said that ever since he has exposed the reality of the so-called "Gujarat model', BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate has stopped making any reference to it in his rallies.

"Earlier he used to talk about the Gujarat model in every rally of his. But ever since I started telling the people of India about the reality of this model - how land was sold at 'toffee' prices, only a few industrialist friends of his have progressed, and Sikh farmers are thrown out of the state - he has stopped talking about it," he said.

Mr. Gandhi asked the youth of Uttar Pradesh to not be misled by the false claims and promises of the opposition parties.

"The youth of Uttar Pradesh can change the world if they are given the right set of opportunities. These parties have used you for elections and then forgotten about you. I thought that with a youth leader in the state, he would do something, but he hasn't. Before that, there was Mayawati ji, and I had some hope from her, but she did nothing. There was, and is no hope from BJP," he said.

Mr. Gandhi said that these elections are a battle of two ideologies. On the one hand lies the ideology of the Congress that seeks to unite, is inclusive, and takes everybody along the path of development and progress. On the other hand is the ideology of the opposition party, BJP, which seeks to concentrate all powers in the hands of one man, bestow privileges to a select few, make people fight among each other and silence the voice of the poor and the weaker sections of the society.

Building on the rights-based paradigm that the Congress has been working on, for the last decade, Mr. Gandhi told the people that they will now be given the right to shelter, health and free medicine, and pension. He added that the Congress led UPA government is building manufacturing corridors across the country that will generate jobs for millions of youth, and that providing jobs to the youth of UP was his top priority for the state.

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