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01-05-2014 (Press Release)

Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

May 1, 2014

- This election is like the Mahabharata, a battle between truth and lies, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi

- Congress has brought educational opportunities and industrial growth to Himachal

- Unlike the opposition that wants to restrict progress to benefit a few, we want to give rights to everyone and take India forward

Stating that the current elections reflected a fight between two ideologies, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi contrasted the party's thinking that weaker sections of society have led to India's growth with that of the opposition, which believes that the country has not progressed in the last 60 years.

"We are fighting a battle of truth against lies. Just as the Pandavs fought against the Kauravas in Mahabharat, we are fighting the opposition, which wants India to remain in disparity. In Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, they gave away land at Re. 1 per meter. Your land was taken away to benefit a few businessmen. We work for the entire nation. In the last 10 years, for the first time, 15 crore people were raised above the poverty line," he said at a massive rally in Bilaspur.

Mr. Gandhi also highlighted that the Congress believed in taking everyone along for the country's progress. "We want India to change. That is why we did 30-35 meetings across the country, and asked you what you wanted. There were three things you expect from us right to health, right to education, and right to minimum pension for the elderly. We want to give all three to you," he said.

Criticizing the opposition's hypocrisy regarding women, Mr. Gandhi said that while the BJP posters in Delhi talk about empowering women, the RSS founder believed that giving vote to women was the biggest mistake anyone could make.

He also broke the myth of Gujarat's development model. "They gave land to Adani worth Rs.10,000 crore, electricity worth Rs.26,000 crore, and today the company has grown from being a Rs.3 crore company to a Rs.40,000 crore one. This was only made possible by snatching land and electricity from farmers. It was Congress' MNREGA scheme that employed these displaced farmers. In sharp contrast, the Gujarat government spends only Rs.8,000 crore on the state's education and healthcare needs," Mr. Gandhi stated.

He assured people that the Congress will push 70 crore people into the middle class in the next five years. "We gave you the right to food, and want to give you more. Unlike the opposition that wants a farmer's son to remain a farmer, we want to give educational opportunities to help the next generation progress professionally. In Himachal Pradesh, we have brought ample opportunities Central University, NIFT, and medical colleges that will help the youth in the state," Mr. Gandhi said.

The Congress Vice President also reminded people the employment and business opportunities that the industrial corridor will provide to the youth of Himachal Pradesh, and the Party's success in passing the One Rank, One Pension scheme, even though the opposition is still talking about it in their manifesto.

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