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29-04-2014 (Press Release)

PRESS RELEASE Kashipur, Uttarakhand
April 29, 2014

- BJP talks about terrorism but they were the ones who bowed before terrorists, says Mr. Rahul Gandhi
- 22,000 people died due to terror attacks under NDA government
- On one hand Modi Ji wants to build a statue of Sardar Patel, on the other he worships Govalkar
- We respect women. We will not put police behind you, nor will we tap into your phone calls

Tearing through the BJP's tough anti-terrorism façade, Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that the facts clearly demonstrated that not only did the BJP-led NDA government failed in combating terrorism, its leadership also compromised India’s dignity and interest.

"If they (the BJP) fought hard against terrorism, why did so many people die…During the five years of BJPs rule in the centre, 22,000 people, including soldiers and innocent citizens died due to terrorist attacks and activities. During the Kandahar hijacking, the top leaders of the BJP bowed down to the terrorists. During the last five years of the UPA, 800 people died...," he said.

Mr Gandhi said the BJP's poor record onm terrorism was two reasons. "One, they bowed down in front of the terrorist and second, they practised the politics of anger and hatred," he told a massive rally in Kashipur, adding that the Congress Party’s politics of love, brotherhood and taking everybody along had helped bring peace and stability in Jammu & Kashmir.

He cautioned the people against being misled by the dramatic statements of the BJP leaders, as their real agenda was to further the interests of their few industrialist friends.

"Look at where the country was 60 years ago. Nobody was rich. Your grandparents and parents built this country. Farmers and labourers toiled hard and it is because of their hard work India is where it is today…We want partnership between the poor and the industrialists, want both to benefit equally from India’s progress, they want the farmers, the labourers and the people to work and the profit going into the kitty of their 2-3 industrialist friends," he said.

"He (Modi) wants to become the chowkidaar of the country, we know what chowidaari he has done in Gujarat," Mr Gandhi said.

Expressing happiness over the participation of women in the rally, Mr. Gandhi said that India could not be a superpower unless women were empowered and respected.

"Sardar Patel called RSS a poisonous organization. According to Govalkar, the biggest mistake India did was to give voting rights to women. Look at RSS even now, do you see any women? Modi Ji spent his entire lifetime working for the RSS. On one hand he wants to build the statue of Sardar Patel, on the other hand he worships Govalkar. I don’t understand this (hypocrisy)…," Mr Gandhi said.

He pointed out that the biggest achievement of independent India was to give voting rights to women. "You don’t need power. All you need is respect. We respect you. We will not put police behind you, nor will we tap your phones," he said.

Mr. Gandhi also thanked people of Uttarakhand and said that he and his family shared a special bond with the state.

"We have a very old and special relationship with Uttarakhand. My great grandfather went to jail fighting for the country here. My father and I went to the Doon School to study. We have learnt a lot from the people of Uttarakhand and we will forever be grateful to all of you," he said.

Building on the rights-based paradigm that the Congress Party has been working on for the last decade, Mr. Gandhi told the people that they will now be given the right to shelter, health and free medicine and pension. He also assured them that the Congress Party will push 70 crore people into the middle class in the next five years and that it will work for the welfare of everyone, especially the poor and the downtrodden.

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