• Reaction to the Curzon Regime.

• Widespread protests against the Partition of Bengal - blatantly promoted by Lord Curzon as the creation of a Muslim Enclave.

• Confrontation between the Moderates in the Congress seeking change through constitutional means and peaceful agitation and the Extremist younger elements seeking change through violence if necessary.

• 1906 Demand for Swaraj Boycott of British Good.

• 1907 First Split in Congress between Moderates and Extremists - the Moderates retain control of the Organisation.

• 1909 Minto-Morley Reforms creating the Indian Councils gave representation but also gave impetus to the virus of Communalism by providing for separate electorates.

• 1909 First signs of strain in Hindu-Muslim relations.

• 1911 The partition of Bengal is annulled.